How can I prepare for my appointment?

  • Get a good sleep.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Eat a healthy meal an hour or two before your appointment.
  • Do not drink alcohol or take any ibuprofens 24 hours before or after your tattoo. These are all blood thinners and will negatively affect the healing process of your tattoo.
  • Take care of the area of skin- moisturise a couple days before with lotion, and be careful not to get it bruised, scratched, etc. prior to your appointment. If you show up with damaged skin on the tattoo area, we will need to reschedule and an additional deposit may be required.
  • Bring water or snacks (we will usually have energy drinks and dextrose in the shop).
    We will always take water and snack breaks whenever you need.
  • Dress appropriately for the placement. For example: for back tattoos, wear a button up/zip shirt that you can wear in the front. For thigh or rib pieces, tie bikinis would work better. 
  • Bring entertainment/distraction if you feel you need it. Music, podcasts, games, or books are all fine so long as the placement and position permit them.

Do you do cover ups?

  • It depends on the design and size of the existing tattoo.

Will you add on to an existing tattoo done by another artist?

  • No.

Can I commission you to design a tattoo for me to get it done by someone else?

  • No, I am currently not taking any tattoo design commissions. Please refrain from taking any of my designs to another artist.

Can I use numbing cream?

  • I strongly recommend to not use any types of numbing cream. They change up the skin texture and makes the tattooing process a lot harder. There are also possible side effects that can occur in the future. Please let me know if you plan on using them prior to your appointment.

Do I have to tip?

  • Tipping is not required however it is much appreciated :)

What is your touch up policy?

  • I offer lifelong touch up service for my own tattoos,
  • First touch up within the first year of the tattoo session is tip based and if more/later touch-up is needed, a flat fee of $50 will be collected each time. You do not have to wait for my bookings to open for a touchup, feel free to contact me whenever.

Why are my rates as such?

  • There are many factors behind tattooing that add to the final cost that clients do not usually see. Among these include: all the time spent to draw the design, tattoo equipment and supplies, studio startup and business costs, taxes, maintaining the studio and cleanliness for your comfortability, as well as a portion of every tattoo going towards Munich rent.

Will you ever come to XXX to guest?

  • I would love to do more guest spots! I will be guest-spotting the most in Europe however I would love to go to the US as well.