Frequently Asked Question

Why is everything sold out?

I usually print a limited amount of art works,
once they run out it might take a while until a new restock is available.
If you want to get notified about planned restocks or new releases
I suggest you subscribe to the newsletter :) I promise I won't spam!

For the shirts I also only do a certain limited batch of them,
once they sell out I restock them over the time.

Will *certain print* be restocked again?

I will restock my newer art works every now and then, 
since I grow as an artist and my drawing style changes with the time 
I don't feel like restocking older art work prints I did 2 years ago.

Why do you ship shirts & larger prints only within Europe?

I no longer offer shipping overseas due to a few factors like
high returning costs for me which are sadly not financially sustainable for a 
small business.

Will you offer commissions?

I'm afraid I'm not able to do commissional artworks besides
my regular work :(