Tattoo aftercare is essential. Keep it clean and loosely covered and it should heal nicely on its own.

For usual I cover the fresh tattoo with a drylock pad which soaks up excess ink, blood, plasma, and body fluids. Keep it on for atleast 4 hours or over night if you don't want stains on your bed sheets.

If we use Suprasorb (second skin) I'd recommend to leave it on for up to 3 days before taking it off.

When it's time to remove your bandage, rinse any build up residue on your tattoo with luke warm water and gently clean it with ph neutral soap.
Pat down the tattooed area with a clean paper towel and let it air dry.

Once the tattoo is dry and not leaking any plasma or fluids I (usually a couple hours) start to applying a thin(!) layer of aftercare.
Make sure you wash your hands before.
Depending on your skin type reapply 2-4 times a day. Please refrain from over creaming your tattoo.

It is important to keep your new tattoo clean and slightly moisturized during the healing process. Keep your hands and tattoo CLEAN. 




  • It is normal for excess ink, blood, plasma, and body fluids to build up underneath the bandage, causing the tattoo to look blurry so don’t panic!
  • Avoid any soaps or lotion with any fragrances or harsh chemicals as they can irritate your skin.
  • Do not scratch or pick after your tattoo if it becomes itchy during the peeling process. (Slightly tapping is ok)
  • Keep the tattoo away from direct sunlight and protect it after healing with sunscreen to avoid fading over years.
  • Avoid tanning beds, gym and soaking the tattoo in water until the scabbing stage is over
  • How to notice an allergic reaction to suprasorb: redness around the edge of the bandage, not on the tattoo itself. If you notice irritation from the second skin, take off the bandage immediately and follow aftercare instructions as normal. If you have sensitive skin, I would avoid using second skin and stick to the traditional way of healing the tattoo with cling wrap. Seek medical attention if needed.