Here is some information about the preorder for shirts.

When is the preorder planned?

- The preorder will take place on 31th July until 7th August
there will be a limited number of shirts so when the stock number runs out
they are gone.


When will my order be shipped out?

- The production is planned around mid August; I'll do my best to ship
them out until end of August!


Do you ship worldwide again?

Unfortunately I'm not able to offer shipping outside of the EU at the moment.
I did prior but since I'm a small business and I had high returning costs 
i.e. for parcels that weren't picked up at the post office in the past from people who ordered which cost me a horrendous amount for return so that I had to pay extra leading to making minus deal for lots of orders :/


Can I cancel my order ?

- Sure, you can cancel your order within 31th July - 7th August;
please understand that this shirt will be printed for you so I can't 
accept cancellations after that time.
just email me:


 Is there still hope you do a restock on the Byakko & Inari shirt?

- They will definitely come back at the end of this year but in a smaller
limited run! :)